Exercise Physiology

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Group Training

Our Exercise Physiology sessions are specialty one on one sessions designed to help you recover from and manage your injury. 

Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists will take the time to discuss with you and assess your level of movement and your goals for your rehabilitation. From there they will design and implement program specifically for you and your goals.


Initial Consultation: $100

Standard Consultation: $75.00

Whether one on one or in a small group, our Strength Training sessions are not only designed to build strength, but also to improve movement quality and efficiency.

During the sessions, you will learn the basics of strength training and the major movements that unpin it


30min: $45.00

45 mins: $60.00

60mins: $80.00

Our group classes are some of our most popular, as they allow for the same great benefits of exercise, at a much easier to afford rate.

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Mat based Pilates

Youth Athlete Injury Prevention


From $11.00

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